Unprecedented 2 Years Deferred Payment Plan – No Hidden Terms and Conditions

With the advancements in Bioscience Researches and positive results from Clinical Trials, the use of stem cells from cord blood for medical treatments of critical illnesses and regenerative medicine has been increasingly widespread.

The opportunity to collect umbilical cord blood for cryopreservation is only during the moment of child birth. However, most expectant parents have been indecisive on cord blood storages. In order to avoid missing out the once in a lifetime opportunity, CRYOLIFE launches an unprecedented service package of 2-year Deferred Payment for the benefits of all expectant parents to collect their new borne baby’s cord blood for cryopreservation.

Under this 2-year Deferred Payment program, another CRYOLIFE’s pioneer in the industry, the expectant family is given the opportunity of storing their new borne baby’s umbilical cord blood first and makes payment before their baby’s 2 year old birthday. There is no penalty or additional fees if the family decides not to proceed with their child’s cord blood storage eventually.

This is CRYOLIFE’s sincere endeavor to assist your baby to conserve your family’s most important health asset during the most critical moment.

Program Details:

  1. Register 18-year cord blood “storage first and payment later” program
  2. Sign enrolment form with full medical declaration; take collection kit (BB box); no payment needed
  3. Upon baby’s birth and successful storage of umbilical cord blood specimen, CRYOLIFE will dispatch a copy of the cord blood storage official Agreement
  4. Make full payment of 18-year storage plan any time before your baby’s 2nd year birthday if decide to continue with the storage service. Your baby’s cord blood specimen will be cryopreserved till 18th birthday.

Terms & Condition:
1) After registration, if decision is to terminate the cord blood storage program before child birth, need to inform and return the cord blood collection kit (BB Box) in its unsealed condition to CRYOLIFE. Otherwise, HK$2,000 will be charged for any damaged or loss of the BB box.
2) If decision not to continue with the cord blood storage services after the 2-year Deferred Payment period, there is a requirement to sign a service termination form and no additional fee shall be imposed.
3) During the 2-year Deferred Payment period, a processing fee in the amount of HK$ 18,500 shall be payable to CRYOLIFE before any retrieval of the stored cord blood specimen
4) Upon enrolment and prior to child birth, CRYOLIFE reserves the right of final decision if there is any dispute on the Deferred Payment plan and may terminate this plan without notification

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