AXP Processing & MVE Storage Tank

CRYOLIFE adopt processing and storage systems which are used by 90% of the world’s medical, prestigious universities and government research institutes

AXP™ Automated System

AXP AutoXpress™ Platform

  • High stability with high stem cell recovery volume
  • Automated closed system that can totally eliminate risk of contamination
  • Multiple samples processed simultaneously; high cell process efficiency with higher viability rate of stem cells collected from the cord blood
  • Made in USA with FDA, CE and CSA accreditation
  • The most popular automated cord blood processing system applied in Asia and USA
  • AXP® is a closed system (free from infection) and fully automatic to recover 98.7% of MNC (Mononuclear Cell) and 97% of TNC (Total Nucleated Cell) from the cord blood during processing.

Step 1:
Transfer cord blood to AXP processing set

Step 2:
Load AXP processing set into AXP device

Step 3:
Stem cells are segregated from cord blood for collection

Step 4:
Remove bag set from AXP device, and record the data of the stem cell

Step 5:
After processing, cryoprotectant is added to the processed cord blood unit for storage

Step 6:
The unit will be transferred to MVE for a long-term storage at -185oC or lower

MVE Storage Tank

No.1 Cryopreservation System – Advanced MVE

  • BEST
Vapour phase liquid nitrogen – the best cryopreservation media to eliminate cross contamination
Latest cryopreservation mediia in the world
There are over 500 cord blood banks in the world and almost 80% are using MVE
Flexible accessibility. MVE does not rely on electricity to operate. Samples can be accessed under any circumstances like electrical shock, computer viruses, and other special incidents
The first central piping installation, auto refill system for liquid nitrogen supply. It can stabilize temperature without any fluctuation
Minimal waiting time and avoid stem cells damage from prolonged immersion with freezing medium
Most reliable dual surveillance systems. CRYOLIFE further upgrade the MVE by installing 24 hours monitoring system. These sophisticated systems offer 6 different levels of alarm to ensure the temperature remain stable
Optimize cell viability by protecting the cell membrane from sudden freezing
  • SAFE
Global brand since 1963, engineered for reliability and durability. Perfect safety record. MVE hadnever been recalled and thus, widely recognized be research and medical organizations, universities institutions and government facilities worldwide

Famous Institution Using MVE:

Medical and Research Organization

  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • The University of Hong Kong, HK
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
  • Queen Mary Hospital, HK
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, US)
  • HK public cord blood bank
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH, US)

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