All parents will strive to provide the best for their new born baby and the whole family’s health. Matching your determination for the wellness of your family, CRYOLIFE launches a 2 years deferred payment plan. You can store the umbilical cord blood at Cryolife without paying anything and having full 2 years to decide.

Package Details

  1. Register 18 years cord blood storage。
  2. Sign Enrolment Form with full medical declaration,take collection kit(BB Box),no payment is required。
  3. CRYOLIFE will dispatch a copy of official contract after the baby is borne and upon successful  verified umbilical cord blood sample storage.
  4. Before your baby’s 2nd year birthday,if decide to continue the storage service all you need to is fully paid the 18 year’s storage plan and your baby will title the stora ge service til the 18th birthday.

Terms & Conditions : 1.After registration, if the client decides to terminate the storage service before delivery, please informs and returns the cord blood collection kit (BB box) to CRYOLIFE. Otherwise $2000 will be charged for any used or lost of the BB box. 2. If the client does not want to continue the storage service after the first 2 years deferred payment period, the client will not be responsible for any payment. 3.During the first 2 years deferred payment period, a processing fee in the amount of HK$18,500 shall be payable to CRYOLIFE before any retrieval of the cord blood sample. 4. CRYOLIFE has the final say on the terms and conditions for the deferred payment plan.