The only cord blood bank with AABB accreditation in Hong Kong for 16 consecutive years plus more than 40,000 units of cord blood under cryopreservation.

How can Cord Blood Protect your Child’s Health?

Cord blood stem cells have been proven in treatments to help children replace damaged blood cells with healthy ones, strengthening their immune systems. Currently up to 113 types of critical diseases such as cancers, blood-related immunity and metabolic diseases can be successfully treated by cord blood. Additionally, treatments of more than 30 types of diseases and disorders are currently under clinical trial, including treatments for genetic or metabolic disorder, neurologic disorder, auto-immune disorder, cardiovascular, diabetic disorders as well as HIV and liver failure.

Since the 1st cord blood transplant in 1988, there are more than 40,000 successful cord blood transplant cases worldwide10.

Regenerative treatments for different types of blood related critical diseases and more than 110 types of critical medical disorders are currently undergoing clinical trials with positive results1, 2

In the USA, 1 in 200 people will need a HSCs (hematopoietic stem cells) transplant in a lifetime. With successful clinical trials on HSCs application, this ratio is expected to increase over the next 10 to 20 years.12

In Hong Kong, 2 of the 5 major childhood cancers, leukemia and lymphoma, are curable by stem cell transplantation 3

1 out of every 500 infants in Hong Kong suffers from cerebral palsy. Stem cells from cord blood can repair damaged brain cells and improve the child’s reflexes condition 4,5

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