General Procedures


1 Registration

Upon registration with us, each customer will be assigned a barcode label with a registration number for all future identification. We will also provide each customer with a collection kit for their doctor's use.


2 Collection

After the baby is delivered, your doctor will collect the cord blood remaining in the umbilical vein and placenta using the sterilized closed-system collection bag set we provided. The collection process is user-friendly and painless.

Transport to Laboratory

3 Transport to Laboratory

Within 12 hours after notification from the customer, our dedicated transport staff will arrive the hospital with a temperature-controlled cell safe to collect the kit.

Verification of Information and Sample

4 Verification of Information and Sample

At the laboratory, our professional technician will verify the identity information and test the blood specimens for infectious diseases and blood grouping. Before processing, a small cord blood sample will be retrieved for stipulated tests.

Automated Processing

5 Automated Processing

We will remove red blood cells and plasma from the cord blood sample to obtain cord blood stem cells. This process will be performed by an advance automated cell recovery system which is functionally closed and sterile, ensuring effective contamination control and efficient recovery of the mononuclear cells (MNCs) from cord blood. After this process a small concentrated cord blood aliquot is prepared for stipulated tests.

Controlled-Rate Freezing and Storage

6 Controlled-Rate Freezing and Storage

After processing, we will add cryoprotectant to the processed cord blood unit and it will be ready for storage. The unit will undergo a slow freezing process at a controlled rate until it reaches -90'C before it is transferred to a vapour phase liquid nitrogen tank for long-term storage at -185 to -190'C.

On-going Quality Assurance

7 On-going Quality Assurance

We have put in place a biannual quality assurance program to ensure the good quality of cryopreserved cord blood units in each liquid nitrogen tank. Terminated cryopreserved units will be retrieved and thawed for quality tests including cell viability and cord blood stem cell count. Cord blood stem cell activities are also analyzed by performing colony formation unit (CFU) assay.

Cord / Cord Blood Collection Box

Collection BoxUpon registration with CRYOLIFE, each customer will be assigned a cord blood collection box (BB box) with a barcode label for their doctor's use.

The box contains tools required for cord blood collection: sterilized triple blood bag (with anticoagulant), vacuum tube for maternal blood collection, sterilization tools and other necessary materials. A client’s reminder and documents regarding cord blood collection are attached.

The BB box should be kept in cool dry place. Clients are obligated to notify her O&G physicians about the decision of cord blood banking. Please be reminded to take the BB box along to hospital for delivery. Pass the box to midwife or nurse and the professional medical staff will arrange cord blood banking with you.

Cord blood & Cord Collection Procedures

Cord Blood Collection Procedure

Cord blood collection

Cord Collection Procedure

Cord collection

Dedicated Transportation Team

After baby was born and cord blood is collected, client should call CRYOLIFE 24-hour hotline at 2110 2121. We will send our dedicated transport staff to pick up the BB box.

We promise to arrive at the hospital for BB box pick up within 12 hours after instruction from customers. (24 hours for Macau customers.)

Dedicated transport team BB Box

Processing & Storage

Best in Class Technologies

AXPIn 2008, CRYOLIFE was the first in Hong Kong to migrate to automated processing with the adoption of the AXP Autoxpress™ Platform which achieved a higher recovery rate than manual processing. With the control rate freezing and MVE vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks, we provide the best in class technologies in the market.

AXP Processing Bag Set lot no. is now marked on your Test and Storage Report

Since then, CRYOLIFE process cord blood sample with AXP processing system. We promises “What you paid is what you get”!CRYOLIFE will NOT just claim to use AXP but process manually in behind. To guarantee our service commitment, AXP Processing Bag Set lot no. is now marked on the test and storage report. Clients can understand what they pay for.

Test and Storage Report Sample (a part):
AXP Processing Bag Set

Please click here to distinguish between AXP AutoXpress™ Platform and Manual Processing

Comparison between AXP and other processing method
AXP™ Automated System Sepax™ Automated System Manual Processing
Manufacturer ThermoGenesis Biosafe -
Processing Time ~40min. ~40min. ~2 - 4hr.
TNC Recovery Rate >97%* 81.0%# 80 - 90%^
  • The whole process, recover, collection and storage, is conduct in a close environment
  • Independent computer system record the processing information
  • High stablity with high recovery rate
  • Enhances processing efficiency, increase the cell viability
  • Enhances contamination control
  • Processing several smaple in the same time when needed
  • Advanced data tracking system
  • Everything build in
  • Only one sample can be process at one time, increase the waiting time of cord blood sample, may affect the cell viability
  • Depends on technician's experience and judgement
  • Increase processing time, raise the probability of contamination
  • Depends on technician's experience, recovery rate may not stable

Remarks: The highest recovery rate by CRYOLIFE with AXP™ automated system is 99%

source: * GE Healthcare
#actual data collected in a test run by CRYOLIFE in 2007
^statistic figures by CRYOLIFE's past manual processing data

Slow Freezing Process

The cord blood sample after processing need to undergo a slow freezing process at a controlled rate until it reaches -90'C before it is transferred to a vapour phase liquid nitrogen tank for long-term storage at -185 to -190'C.


Controlled Rate Freezer
Processing procedure slow freezing by a rate of 1℃ to 2℃ per min.until -90℃

Freezing with Sample Probe to monitor the actual freezing situation

Full computer control. In response to th releasing of latent heat, the system will adjust the freezing rate to protect the cells

More than 10 samples can be processed at one time, enhances processing efficiency

Emergency Plan and Safety Compliance

In 2008, CRYOLIFE devoted $5 million to upgrade the laboratory for cord blood processing and storage, and to improve the room safety, while over $1 million was spent on vacuum steel pipes installation.

Emergency Plan and Safety Compliance

Nitrogen Supply
Vacuum Pipe

Quality steel pipes manufactured in German.

Ensure stable nitrogen supply from nitrogen source to MVE storage tank.

Minimize nitrogen leakage to protect safety of technicians and storage room.

Monitoring Facilities
Planer Assure24Seven Monitoring System + 24-hr Surveillance Alarm System

Specialized for monitoring temperature of apparatus in laboratory

24-hr computerized system, record the condition of the storage tanks

All management team, laboratory team and transport team are equipped with Blackberry, related management staff will be notified and take corresponding action if storage tanks in abnormal situation

Round the clock surveillance to protect the corb blood smaples are in stable storage condition

Backup Power Supply
Backup Battery + UPS Uninterruptible power supply system

lasting for 72 hours in emergency and remain normal operation for each storage tank

UPS retain a steady electric current

centrifuge can run normally even facing an unexpected power failure, no cord blood processing will be interrupted

execute contingency plan with good flexibility

Fire and Buliding Safety Compliance, Location
Storage rooms are tiled with certified fire safe building materials + Full compliance with the fire and building safety regulations with

sufficient anti-fire capability, management team have enough time for taking contingency action

Contingency plan conform to AABB accreditation

comprehensive contingency plan to cope with disaster like earthquake, tornado, fire and etc

in emergencies, management team have sufficient ability to protect the storage tanks and cord blood sample

Located at Delta House, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin

located in transport hub of Shatin, cord blood arrive the laboratory in many ways

to minimize the change of storage condition, our management had made a responsible decision that not to relocate our facilities even though we have been invited by the Hong Kong Science & Tehcnology Parks

Test and Storage Report

After the cord blood sample is stored, a detail test and storage report will be sent for client’s future reference. We promise the test and storage report will be sent to parents 2 months after baby was born.

Cord Blood Storage Blood Test
  • Net umbilical cord blood (UCB) harvested
  • Final UCB volume for cryopreservation
  • Total volume (final UCB + freezing medium)
  • Total nucleated cells frozen
  • Viability test
  • Red blood cell depletion
  • CD34+ cell cryopreserved
Maternal blood:
  • Hepatitis B Surface Ag
  • Hepatitis B Core Ab
  • Hepatitis C Virus Ab
  • Hepatitis C Virus RNA
  • HIV 1 & 2 Ab / p24 Ag
  • HIV-1 RNA
  • HTLV 1&2 Antibodies
  • CMV IgG Antibody
  • VDRL for Syphilis
Cord blood:
  • ABO Blood Grouping
  • Rhesus Typing
  • Blood Culture

Service Commitment and Refund Policy

CRYOLIFE is obligated to serve the community’s needs in cord blood storage by providing the best in class collection, processing and storage service. With the following service commitment, we guarantee a quality cord blood banking service to clients.

Service Commitment

  • Cord blood pick up within 12 hours after instruction from customer (24 hours for sample pick up in Macau)
  • Cord blood processing and storage to be completed with 48 hours after baby was born
  • Verbal report of volume of cord blood collected within 2 working days after baby was born
  • Submit test and storage report to customers with approval from our medical director, Dr Mak Yiu Kwong, Specialist in Haematology & Haematological Onoclogy
  • Bi-annual cord blood viability test to be published on website
  • Laboratory team work 365 days a year for cord blood processing.
  • Transportation team stand-by 365 day for cord blood pick up.

Refund Policy

  • The service agreement will be terminated if the cord blood collection is unsuccessful due to any emergency at delivery.
  • The service agreement will be terminated if the expectant mother gives birth in Hospital Authority hospital.
  • The service agreement will be terminated if the expectant mother gives birth in Hospital Authority hospital.
  • Client could terminate the service agreement if number of stem cell harvested from cord blood sample is less than our minimum standard, ie. 2 x 108.
  • Client could terminate the service agreement if cord blood sample is contaminated (excluding HIV).
  • The service agreement must be terminated if the maternal blood or cord blood sample is HIV contaminated.

All fees paid will be refunded to customer for the above situation. Also, if the cord blood sample is released for clinical purpose as per client’s request, the remaining storage fee will be refunded.

Using the cord blood / cord

CRYOshipper is a professional container dedicated to cryopreserved stem cell products transport. It ensures the cryopreserved unit will be kept at 150℃ for as long as 60 hours in transportation. The transport process will be monitored by an electronic device.

CRYOshipper has conformed with the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and is suitable for cord blood sample delivery. It has also passed IATA and able to be couriered by air.

To be well prepared of the life saving mission, our laboratory team conducts regular rehearsal for preparation of delivery by CRYOshipper.

Umbilical Cord Blood Net Volume Report

Cord blood cell count is directly proportional to the volume of cord blood collected. The higher the cell count of cord blood, the more beneficial to the clinical application of cord blood stem cells.

The doctors listed follow paid extra effort in cord blood collection, which is crucial to a person's life. Let's give our big hand to them.

June 2016 Doctors' Performance: Top 5 Highest UCB Net Volume Collected

Rank Doctor Highest Net UCB Volume Collected (ml)
1 Hon Hing Cheung Edmund 
2 Lam Sze Wing Helena  90.7
3 Liauw Linna Angeline  
4 Ho Wing Chiu 

Chan Suk Man Anne


*Average UCB volume collected in June 2016: 59.1 ml

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CRYOLIFE is the first Private Cord Blood Bank in Asia, established in 1996. We believe in the potential of stem cell therapy in the field of reparative and regenerative medicine, and encouraged by the proliferation of successful cord blood transplants in the US, we decided to introduce the concept of saving cord blood to the local community.  Our mission is to serve the community's needs in cord blood storage by providing the best-in-class cord blood collection, processing and storage services, and continuous improvement in cryopreservation technologies.