First Cord Blood Bank in Hong Kong

CRYOLIFE was established in 1996.  We believe in the potential of stem cell therapy in the field of reparative and regenerative medicine, and encouraged by the proliferation of successful cord blood transplants in the US, we decided to introduce the concept of saving cord blood to the local community. 

On 1 January 1998, CRYOLIFE was officially launched and it became the first family cord blood storage programme in the Hong Kong and Asian region. Since our inauguration, we have been investing in laboratory upgrade. As an experienced cord blood bank with a longer history comparing to Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, CRYOLIFE leads the local and Asian cord blood storage industry. 

Our mission is to provide the best in class cord blood storage service. As a trustworthy and quality cord blood bank, we devote a large portion of our investment to cord blood storage and application. We develop several stem cell research programmes with local researchers and organize educational seminar regularly to promote the values and latest technology of cord blood. 

The First AABB Accredited Cord Blood Bank in Hong Kong

We never rest on our laurels and keep improving our quality and service. Our consistent effort and due diligence in quality improvement have earned us recognition from the industry's leading authority, the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). In December 2007, we have joined the ranks of an exclusive group of 50+ cord blood banks around the world as the first AABB accredited cord blood bank in Hong Kong. In 2009, 2011,2013 and 2015 CRYOLIFE has passed the stringent reassessment of the international accreditation program and extended its accreditation to end of 2017.


The accreditation is a stringent review of a laboratory's process and controls, as well as documentation and records. During the review, an AABB assessor was on site at our laboratory to evaluate the safety and control of environment undertaken by us and we are proud to have satisfied and complied with the stipulated standards and regulations to be certified.

Back home, our laboratory has passed external quality audit for ISO 9001:2008 with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) , CAP and other qualifications. Moreover, we have passed the audit of Hong Kong Q-Mark service scheme. Our quality beyond standard.

SGS ISO9001Hong Kong Q-Mark

Dr. Tsuneo A. Takahashi, D.Sc.
Chief Scientist of Cryolife Company Limited 

Dr. Takahashi spent his distinguished career in the regenerative medicine field with hisfocus on perinatal stem cells and cord blood banking for more than 40 years, with hiscurrent role as the CEO of LIFEBANK Japan, INC and Chief Scientist of CryolifeCompany Limited (Cryolife is member of Medisun Holdings Limited). Following hisstudies at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo Japan, where he received his Doctorate ofScience, Dr. Takahashi began his career as a scientist at the American Red Cross CellTherapy Department, Bethesda, Maryland USA followed by a role at the National Institutesof Health, National Institute of Arthritis, Diabetes and Kidney Diseases, Physical Chemistry Laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Upon returning to Japan he becamethe Director of the Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido Blood Center, Research Department, inSapporo. Dr. Takahashi is a founding member of International Network of Cord BloodBanks (NETCORD). He also was the Director, Tokyo Cord Blood Bank Cell ProcessingCenter, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan and the Director in the Department of CellTherapy Research and Development at the New York Blood Center, NY, USA. Dr.Takahashi has held visiting professorships at numerous prestigious institutions including:Department of Cell Processing, the Institute of Medical Sciences, the University of Tokyo,Director of Department of Transfusion Medicine at the Institute Hospital of TokyoUniversity, Department of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, the Institute for FrontierMedical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, Kobe University Graduate School ofMedicine, Systems Pathobiology, Peking University Medical School, Beijing, China.

Over 25,000 Cord Blood Inventory

Cord blood banking is gaining increasing popularity in Hong Kong. More expectant parents decide to store their newborns’ cord blood for future medical use.

MVE Tank

Up to 2014, over 25,000 families entrusted their most valuable asset – the cord blood unit of their newborns - to our care. Currently, CRYOLIFE is maintaining the largest cord blood inventory in Hong Kong with over 20 storage tanks.

AXP + MVE - International Cord Blood Bank Standard

On clinical application, the HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) compatibility, viability and quantity of stem cells in the cord blood sample is crucial to a successful transplant.

 To ensure the cord blood sample is in its best quality for future use, we have upgraded our system in cord blood collection, processing and storage. In 2008, CRYOLIFE was the first in Hong Kong to migrate to automated processing with the adoption of the AXP AutoXpress™ Platform.

In storage, we have adopted the more advanced vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks which eliminates the risk of virus transfer and cross contamination.

AXP AutoXpress™ Platform and MVE vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks are the best in class technologies at present. CRYOLIFE consistently invests on upgrading our laboratory for a better environment for cord blood processing and storage.

Why choosing MVE vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage tank?

  • Almost 80% of worldwide cord blood banks use MVE
  • Avoids cross contamination, as no viral transfer media exists
  • A major market trend
  • Lower reliance on electricity and we designed the central piping system to auto refill liquid nitrogen around the clock for all tanks
  • More stable storage temperature can be maintained for 2 weeks, even if additional nitrogen supply is unavailable


24 Hours Live Laboratory Broadcast

You can witness our professionalism and sophisticated processes first hand by seeing the CRYOLIFE laboratory in action via a live webcast that runs 24 hours a day.



Storage Tanks


The Founding Member of APCBBC

In March 2004, we joined hands with four other industry leaders in the region to announce the inauguration of Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium (APCBBC). The founding members include CRYOLIFE from Hong Kong, Babybanks from Taiwan, LIFECORD from Korea, CordLife from Singapore and StemLife from Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. Later, Cryosite from Australia and StemOne Biologicals from India also joined the Consortium. The collaborative alliance pledged to expand the region's capability in searchable cord blood database with the goal of advancing clinical uses of cord blood. For more details, please visit the official website of Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium (APCBBC):



Biannual QA Test

A Comprehensive quality check was performed biannually. Samples in different tanks with different years were thawed and checked with recovery of viability & Colony Forming Unit.

Latest sample viability test result (May 2017):

Download Past Results:
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First Cord Blood Transplantation in Hong Kong

In 2009, CRYOLIFE became part of history.  Working together with Duke University Medical School, a cord blood-based treatment was performed on a Hong Kong patient at the age of 7 who suffered from cerebral palsy.  The cord blood unit used had been cryopreserved in CRYOLIFE for 7 years and the recovery of viability of the sample was extremely satisfying and encouraging.

Research Collaborations

As an industry leader and innovator, CRYOLIFE regularly team up with some of the world’s most prestigious and recognized institutions to research new ways of applying cord blood treatment and stem cell therapy. We are passionate and dedicated to contributing to a healthy and promising future, not just in Hong Kong but around the world. Below are just some of the successful, inspiring and encouraging research collaborations CRYOLIFE has been involved with.

Partner with Topics
John Hopkins University, USA Identification of DNA Methylation Signatures in Umbilical Cord Blood and its association with Childhood Asthma
Hebei Medical University Mechanism of heart development and regeneration
Jiangsu University Study on the role of microRNA in the resistance of DNMT inhibitor and its mechanism in leukemia MicroRNA
Chinese University of HK Cord Blood Stem Cells: Revolutionary Impacts on Translational Medicine
Chinese University of HK Ex-vivo expansion and banking of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative medicine
Princes of Wales Hospital Sensitive detection and enumeration of CD34+ cells in cord blood by flow cytometry
University of Hong Kong Pioneering HLA Typing Database - Stem Cell applications in the future

Customer Testimonial

Ms. Rosanne Wong (Artist)

My husband and I strongly believe in the future potential of storing our children's stem cells. We researched various stem cell bank options and we finally chose CRYOLIFE because of their customer service, reliability and professionalism. The CRYOLIFE consultant was extremely helpful and knowledgable in explaining the use and opportunities of cord blood as well as describing their meticulous processing and storage techniques. We are confident CRYOLIFE will support our families needs in the future.

Ms. Man Chung Han (Artist)

I had no idea parenting could be so worrying and stressful. Before I got pregnant, we started making plans for the baby; but during the pregnancy, we were getting more concerned about the her health until we met CRYOLIFE. I have confidence in their experience, accreditations and professionalism in cord blood and cord storage; and can focus on my mind on her well-being.

Ms. Joyce (Musician)

We would like to thank CRYOLIFE with the decision to bank our son’s cord blood. We believe cord blood banking is like an investment in health. It is really worth keeping our baby’s cord blood ready for the future if we ever need it. It is a very simple process and we don’t have to undergo pain to extract the stem cells that we need.I hope pregnant mothers will get to know more about cord blood banking as it is very important. This is a best gift of life for my child!

Dr. Jacqueline Luk and Zac Koo (Famous Artist)

We choose CRYOLIFE for its long history of cord blood storage with international accreditation, which assures high quality care and services. The smooth collection; as well as its timely updates and reports help relieve our stress during laboring and first week of parenthood. What impressed me most was the preparation by its proactive and attentive staff when Zac called in the mid-night, before I entered the delivery room. For our second child, CRYOLIFE is our first choice.

Mr. Albert Au (A host of i-CABLE Entertainment News)

Parents shall be the one who are responsible for teaching their kids the concept and benefits of life-long planning. For Aidan's father, I planned for the best for Aidan, which is to save Aidan’s cord blood. The banking of cord blood is certainly one of the best forms of life insurance for Aidan's future. "CRYOLIFE is my choice. From the initial service description to the quick collection of Aidan's cord blood, the whole process is managed by teams of caring consultants and medical professionals. I was pleased with CRYOLIFE's quality service. I would definitely choose CRYOLIFE, no doubt about it."

Sherming Yiu (Artist)

Before I got pregnant, I have never noticed that there can be so much to prepare for our baby! We learnt about the importance of storing baby’s umbilical cord blood/ cord and the way we choose cord blood bank from our friends. We then met CRYOLIFE consultant and they gave us a very clear and professional presentation on stem cells and their banking services. Knowing that CRYOLIFE is the most experienced cord blood bank with international accreditation, we are sure that CRYOLIFE is the right choice for our baby.

Ms. Margaret Chung (Famous Yoga Teacher)Ms. Margaret Chung (Famous Yoga Teacher)

Saving cord blood and cord can safeguard my child’s health. Thanks to CRYOLIFE. I appreciate their professional and excellent service very much. CRYOLIFE is the first and most experienced cord blood bank in HK. Their staff can clearly explain their service to me. Let me understand the importance of equipment and accreditation to my child’s cord blood. I am confident with CRYOLIFE and am sure I make the right choice to store my child’s cord blood with them. I will recommend CRYOLIFE to my friends as well.

Mrs. Chingmy Sham (Famous Artist)

Mr. Dong Jia Yao, The Executive Director of Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd, A celebrity host of TV Program

“Parents love and cherish their children”I totally understand it after I become father. I arrange the best to my wife and my baby such as consulting with reputable doctor and searching for the best hospital for birth. Moreover, I must treasure an opportunity to save my daughter's cord bloods. Thanks to CRYOLIFE for their professional and responsible service……(Read more in Chinese version)

Yumi Ying, support CRYOLIFE since 2008

CRYOLIFE is recommended by my O&G doctor. The consultant of CRYOLIFE is very responsible and explains all the details to me. I think their service is the best, so I choose CRYOLIFE for my baby. And, I found most of my friends join CRYOLIFE, it gives me much more confidence!

Mr & Mrs Leung, support CRYOLIFE since 2014

We would like to thank Cryolife for the cord blood storage service with professional processing and storage techniques and first-class service delivered by consultant.

Eva Lau and Gary Cheng, with child, Hay Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2004

Saving cord blood is similar to investing life-time insurance for our baby, so reliable is the most concerned criteria when choosing a cord blood bank. My son’s cord blood has been stored for more than 4 years. We visited CRYOLIFE’s laboratory again recently. We are pleased to find their laboratory facilities and storage room environment is kept on improving. We believe in CRYOLIFE!

IU PIK YUK ANGEL, support CRYOLIFE since 2008

We are glad that we choose CRYOLIFE for our lovely Bethel. With their professional service and automated system, AXP, we have full confidence on storing Bethel's cord blood for 18 years. Nowadays, there are so many unknown diseases. Cord blood stem cells will be the key therapy in the future. No one want their kids suffer from sickness and need to use their cord blood for treatment. But as a parent, we should prepare for "just in case"! And someday, Bethel’s cord blood may save other in needed.

Winnie Au Yeung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009

Every parents concern their child's health. Save cord blood with CRYOLIFE is saving a health protection for our baby. It is our first gift for him!

Carmen Chan and Andy Cheung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009

The whole procedure from collection to storage cord blood is very smooth, thanks for CRYOLIFE's excellent service! We hope CRYOLIFE have a better future in business and keep on advancing their storage technologies.

Joyce Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2009

Thank you and Cryolife for giving us a peace of mind!

Mrs. Zhang, support CRYOLIFE since 2014

We knew that CRYOLIFE is the industry pioneer in HK with over 18 years' experience. This is the main reason why we have chosen CRYOLIFE to store our baby's precious cord blood. What impressed me most was the professionalism and preparation provided by CRYOLIFE consultant.  She is very friendly and caring. CRYOLIFE is our first choice.

Ms. Rosanne Wong (Artist)Ms. Man Chung Han (Artist)Ms. Joyce (Musician)Dr. Jacqueline Luk and Zac Koo (Famous Artist)Mr. Albert Au (A host of i-CABLE Entertainment News)Sherming Yiu (Artist)Ms. Margaret Chung (Famous Yoga Teacher)Ms. Margaret Chung (Famous Yoga Teacher)Mrs. Chingmy Sham (Famous Artist)Mr. Dong Jia Yao, The Executive Director of Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd, A celebrity host of TV ProgramYumi Ying, support CRYOLIFE since 2008Mr & Mrs Leung, support CRYOLIFE since 2014Eva Lau and Gary Cheng, with child, Hay Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2004IU PIK YUK ANGEL, support CRYOLIFE since 2008Winnie Au Yeung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009Carmen Chan and Andy Cheung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009Joyce Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2009Mrs. Zhang, support CRYOLIFE since 2014


CRYOLIFE is the first Private Cord Blood Bank in Asia, established in 1996. We believe in the potential of stem cell therapy in the field of reparative and regenerative medicine, and encouraged by the proliferation of successful cord blood transplants in the US, we decided to introduce the concept of saving cord blood to the local community.  Our mission is to serve the community's needs in cord blood storage by providing the best-in-class cord blood collection, processing and storage services, and continuous improvement in cryopreservation technologies.