2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Screening

(1) 上門收取樣本時間 : 星期一至星期五早上09:00 至 下午16:00 (敬請預約), 星期六丶日及公眾假期休息


(2) 我們亦有醫療中心提供樣本抽取服務, 詳情請與我們職員聯絡 +852 2108 2142


訂購流程 –

  1. 如欲訂購新型冠狀病毒核酸分子篩查服務, 請填妥登記表格包括提供客戶個人資料

  1. 遞交登記表格之後, 請聯絡我們 (+852) 2108 2142 安排付款及預約服務日期。
  2. 完成付款程序後, 我們會儘量安排有關工作人員於第二個工作天早上送呈樣本採集棉棒及採樣管。
  3. 客人取得採集棉棒及採樣管後,請即到一個私人地方進行樣本採集,採樣過請於15分鐘內完成。
  4. 客人請參考提供的視頻採集樣本,之後把樣本棒牢牢蓋好並放回密實袋內,交回送遞專員送返實驗室處理及檢驗。




化驗結果將由「臻博」JPA Healthcare Solution實驗室直接向測試者提供。有關資料並不會向第三方披露,所有資料絕對保密。

新型冠狀病毒核酸分子篩查檢測是由指定的第三方服務供應商「臻博」JPA Healthcare Solution (“JPA”) 提供,JPA 與CRYOLIFE跨奧臍帶血庫有限公司是兩間分開並完全獨立的機構。篩查檢測報告的準確性為JPA 的所有責任。



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Cryolife 網上直播教室

talk 不停儲 之 臍帶血網上直播教室



直播時間請留意Cryolife HK Facebook 專頁或登記 ➡


香港 (852) 2110 2121
澳門 (853) 6299 3635

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CRYOLIFE Notification of surgical mask Activities

Standing by your side amid mask shortage!

For the past 24 years, CRYOLIFE has been persistently safeguarding the health of your family.  This time, we are sparing no expense in sourcing masks from EU countries as gift to our clients.

(Please call (852) 2110 2121 to learn more on how to become our client)


-- Eligible Clients --

Existing clients in any paid CRYOLIFE program (Includes deposit, installments & full payment processed).  Due to limited quantities, priority will be given as follow:

  1. Expectant moms
  2. Successful storage with Cryolife within the last 30 months
  3. Other clients


-- Procedures --
1. Like and Share “Cryolife HK” Facebook post on this program

2. Register at and upload screenshot images (Your name and contact number must match those listed in the contract for verification)
3. Upon successful internal verification, an SMS text with designated collection date and address will be sent to you within 2-7 days

-- Terms and Conditions --
- Each selected eligible client is entitled to 1 box of 50 pcs 3 layers surgical mask.
- Due to limited stocks, 2 year deferred payment clients are excluded. (Please contact our sales representative for early renewal)
- Priority will be given to above mentioned terms and time of registration till stocks last.
- No returns or exchanges of masks upon collection.
- Applicable for clients in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.
- CRYOLIFE reserves the right on final decision should there be any disputes.

For inquiries regarding this program, please Whatsapp / WeChat below number:
(852) 63298099

Hong Kong address:  Delta House, 3 On Yiu street, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, Hong Kong
Macau Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, No 371. Edf Keng Ou

All masks are gift to our clients; no purchase request will be entertained.   Although we only have a limited number of masks this round for our loyal clients, we are still diligently sourcing for more. Please follow our social media platforms for the latest updates.
Facebook à
Instagram à
WeChat à 香港跨奧脐血庫库

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2020 Q1 NewsLetter

In the 2020 1st Quarter Newsletter, we bring you the updated Quality Assurance report, followed by the application of Umbilical Cord Blood and News Clips.

As your lifelong healthcare partner, CRYOLIFE will keep you updated if any latest medical and clinical trial information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 2110 2121 if you have any questions.

Download :  NewsLetter_Q1_2020

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為了讓一眾準媽媽輕鬆去產檢, CRYOLIFE又一貼心安排, 提供極具彈性的「產檢交通費用派發計劃」, 車資津貼高達$100 !
想知領取方法 ?

1. Cryolife Hong Kong Facebook inbox
2. WeChat ID: cryolifewanger
3. 查詢電話: +853 65452023

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